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What is 360 degree feedback?

For participants on Skills for Care leadership programmes

Participants on the principal social workers leadership development programme and nurse leaders programme please register here to gain access to your 360 questionnaire.

360-degree feedback is feedback that comes from all around an individual - managers, peers, supervisors, sub-ordinates and other people that they come in contact with. Individuals can ask others to provide them with feedback on their performance, including the behaviours, skills and competencies they display in their job. It also includes a self-assessment and, in some cases, feedback from external sources such as customers and suppliers or other interested stakeholders. Feedback is usually given anonymously.

360 degree feedback is also known as ‘multi-source’ feedback

A major benefit of 360 degree feedback process lies in the fact that you get a balanced view due to the feedback coming from multiple sources as opposed to just one source (line manager). By inviting people who you work closely with and who have plenty of opportunity to observe you, you’re more assured of getting valuable, well-informed developmental feedback. And, when acted upon, this can prove a great catalyst for personal development.


For ASYE programme co-ordinators

Please register here to gain access to the tool if you are the co-ordinator of your ASYE programme.

Taking the time to reflect upon the way the ASYE programme in your organisation is functioning then comparing this with the perceptions of your stakeholders will provide a balanced overview of what is working well, what should be done to make elements of the programme better and/or how to respond to developmental areas.

If you have already completed one evaluation cycle and would like to undertake another, please contact regulatedworkforce@skillsforcare.org.uk

Through this tool you can gather feedback from a variety of stakeholders, for example, newly qualified social workers (NQSWs), principal social workers (PSWs), ASYE assessors, and line managers who may well have valuable insights and information to feed back. The report that it generates will give you tangible data to inform your ASYE internal quality assurance process.

Skills for Care will also be able to use the anonymised data provided by you and others in different organisations to generate high level national and regional reports.